Rare Karma works with you on blog strategy and writing to create a blog that positions your company as a thought leader in your industry.


As part of an inbound strategy, the purpose of your blog is to educate your target customers. You need to provide content that solves their problems and helps them to do their jobs better.


Educational content attracts visitors and ranks well in Google searches. An educational blog will fill the top of your marketing funnel.


But your blog needs to be high quality and you need to publish frequently – at least weekly. That’s where Rare Karma can help. We specialize in “expert blogging”. We’ll work with founders, executives, and experts in your company to distill their knowledge and insights into high-quality blog posts.


We know you are busy. So, we organize our blog writing to use your time efficiently. We do short interviews with your staff or other third-parties for each article. We do our own background research. We write in a style that appeals to your target customer. If you want, we will involve you efficiently in the final editing.


Week after week, we’ll crank out a high-quality article for your blog. Sooner than you think, your company will be positioned as a thought leader and your website will be attracting the visitors you need to grow.