Buyer personas are generalized descriptions of your ideal customers. Buyer personas help everyone in your company visualize the customers you are trying to attract. Focusing on the right personas gets everybody on the same page: marketing, sales, product, and services.


Every business has one or two (or maybe three) different customer types that have specific characteristics making them a great fit for your product or service. Rare Karma helps you define these buyer personas in a precise fashion that can be used to tailor marketing content and communication channels.


At Rare Karma, all of the inbound marketing work we do with you relates back to the buyer personas that we define together.


Content is created with a specific persona in mind. Web pages are designed to engage your buyer persona. Conversion funnels, lead nurturing, etc. – everything is designed around the buyer persona.


Why? Because there is a lot of noise out there on the web. In order to cut through it, you need to focus your messaging. You need to target the specific people you want to engage with. The visitors who are likely to become leads, then happy customers, then fans who promote your product or service to their associates.


Rare Karma will get your marketing efforts focused on the personas that your business needs to attract. You’ll be amazed at how effective inbound marketing can be when focused on the right buyer personas.