Leads don’t just show up on your website. You need to design ways for visitors to engage with your content and volunteer to become leads. The content and forms of engagement that produce these leads are often called “funnels”.


Rare Karma works with you to design and implement these lead generation funnels using your website and content. A big part of this work involves creating landing pages. A landing page is part of your website that provides an opportunity for your visitor to engage and take action. Maybe filling out a form to download some premium content. Maybe scheduling a meeting to discuss a specific need. We help you design and implement these landing pages.


On the other end, called the “top of the funnel”, we help generate traffic to your content and then drive that traffic to your landing pages with specific, relevant “calls to action”. For example, a blog post about the used car market might contain a button inviting the visitor to “download our guide” to selling your used car. The button takes them to a landing page where they can fill out a contact form and download the guide.


Working with Rare Karma, you will build lead generation funnels that convert your web traffic into a reliable stream of leads for your product or service.