Converting leads to customers is where the rubber meets the road for your inbound marketing program. Depending on your business, your leads may engage with a salesperson, navigate an online checkout process, or sometimes both.


Either way, the majority of your leads will not be ready to buy right away. So what happens to them?


You’ll want to maintain a relationship with them. Providing helpful content. Checking in periodically. Keeping them informed of new products or promotions from your company that might be right for them when they are ready to buy.


Lead nurturing is the collection of automated processes and human interactions that maintains an ongoing relationship with your leads. Lead nurturing keeps prospects engaged so that they reach out to you when they are ready to buy.


Rare Karma helps you set up lead nurturing processes, like email drip campaigns, that are designed to support how your business closes sales. Where automation makes sense, we can create processes that are customized for each segment in your contacts database. You deliver the right content to each lead depending on their buyer persona and stage in the life cycle.


When salespeople are driving the process, we provide lead tracking, templates for email communication, content that can be customized to meet individual needs, and forecasting to help everyone stay on track.