Case studies, ebooks, white papers, etc.  Rare Karma helps you create premium content designed to educate and solve problems for your target customers.


Premium content provides a major source of leads. Typically promoted in your blog, and with individual landing pages, premium content is “gated” behind a form. Your visitor provides contact information in order to download premium content.


This is an important way that visitors become leads. Because each piece of premium content is designed with a specific goal in mind. When a customer downloads that content, you gain valuable insight into their stage in the sales lifecycle. For example, a visitor who downloads a guide to selling their used car is probably in the market for a new vehicle. If your business is an auto dealership, you would follow up with information about end-of-quarter promotions.


Rare Karma works with you to create the premium content you need to generate leads. We also integrate this content into your sales process, creating funnels that engage visitors, convert them to leads, and encourage leads to become customers.