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Let us run Salesforce and HubSpot so that you can run your business!

Everything you need in a single support contact, for a monthly cost that’s more affordable than hiring an in-house team.

  • Fixed monthly pricing
  • Engagement with stakeholders
  • Developers
  • Business process design
  • Administrators
  • Application design
  • User support
  • Fast and effective troubleshooting
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Rare Karma provides monthly, flat-fee, Salesforce/HubSpot development and administration services that scale as you grow. If managing Salesforce/HubSpot is getting too expensive and time-consuming, hand it off to the experts at Rare Karma. We can handle the technology, work with your stakeholders, and support your users.
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One Monthly Bill

For less than the cost of hiring an in-house team, you receive:

  • Administration and platform configuration to keep your tech stack running smoothly
  • Reports and dashboards for business critical information
  • Software development to implement your business processes
  • Integration to connect Salesforce and HubSpot with your other mission critical applications
  • Technical support to keep your users happy and productive
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Key Skills at your Disposal

Rare Karma is your single point of contact for all the skills you need to get the most out of Salesforce and HubSpot. Your monthly package includes time from certified Salesforce and HubSpot professionals with the skills you need.

Why Outsource Your Salesforce and HubSpot management?

There are so many great reasons to stop managing Salesforce and HubSpot in-house and partner with Rare Karma. Here are a few:


Faster Results

Rather than training a new employee, get results right away.


Higher Quality

Our experienced consultants know how to build it right the first time.


Lower Operating Costs

Pay for experts only when you need them.


Focus on your Business

Don’t get distracted by solving technical CRM problems. Leave that to us so you can work on your business!


Build a Roadmap

Know where you are headed and be prepared.

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